Like A Ton Of Bricks

It is rare that Kaitlyn gets sick.  She will occasionally get to the point where her body will slow her down for a half day or so, but it is usually a short-term thing.  I can only recall a few times where a sickness has lasted two days.  We are fortunate.

Right now, however, she is fighting an illness that hit her like a ton of bricks.  She had been battling a slight cough early last week, and Amber and I figured it would work its course like it usually does.  But this time, there was more planned.  Amber sent me a text Thursday night after Miracle letting me know that she would be taking Kaitlyn to the doctor in the morning for possible pink eye (our friend Jeni had mentioned to Amber during Miracle that Kaitlyn looked like she had “tired eyes”); when I talked to Kaitlyn on the phone later that evening, she was upset at the prospect of missing school Friday.

Our fear that Kaitlyn had pink eye was confirmed Friday morning, which meant no school for Kaitlyn and no work for Amber.  By the time I made it home from my trip, Kaitlyn seemed better, except for her left eye.  That was my cue to make sure I did my best not to have her share her pink eye with me.  When Saturday morning rolled around, Kaitlyn and Amber were both sick.  I spent the weekend taking care of my two sick girls the best I could.

Kaitlyn missed school again Monday, partly because she was still a little sick and partly for precautionary reasons.  She was able to make it to school yesterday, and lasted the whole day without incident.  She was so exhausted after her day that she went to bed earlier than usual.  This morning, Kaitlyn was a little tired still, and I figured that as we got closer to school, she would start to perk up.  Wrong.  By the time we got to her school, she was almost sleeping in the backseat.  I told Amber via email this morning that I doubted that she would make the whole day, and she agreed, and we were right.  At about 1pm, the school called and Amber went to pick her up.  She ended up sleeping most of the afternoon, and was so out of it when I got home from work that she did not even realize that I brought home four boxes of Girl Scout Cookies.

This is the first time that I can recall that she has been sick this long.  There is really nothing we can do about it other than what we have been doing and wait for it to run its course.  Her pink eye is gone and has not been an issue since about Sunday, so that is not part of what is ailing her.  Tonight will be another early night for her so she can get her rest and go to school tomorrow, and also be good to go for the last Thursday of Miracle for a few weeks.




2 responses

  1. Geeze, sorry to hear that. I sure hope she’s feeling better tomorrow night.

    1. Me too. Especially since tomorrow is the last one for a while. She does seem to be feeling better tonight though.

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