I’ll Help You

I arrived at my house yesterday afternoon around 4:45pm after being gone since Tuesday.  I left Amber and Kaitlyn behind to travel to Pennsylvania for personal reasons.  Kaitlyn had known since last Saturday that I was going to be gone for a few days, but she was still plenty upset when I was not there to take her to school Tuesday morning.  Amber filled in admirably, though.

While I was gone, every time that I talked to Kaitlyn on the phone, she made sure to remind me that I needed to bring her some presents for my trip.  How thoughtful of her.  I did my best while I was up there to get her things that I knew we did not have here, and that she would enjoy.  She got a green Pittsburgh Penguins shirt (I think she will be the only one in school with that), a stuffed penguin, and some other assorted things.  Plus, she gets to share donuts with me from my favorite donut shop, Mac’s.

Almost as soon as I pulled up and got out of the car, Kaitlyn came running out to give me a giant hug.  It was just what I needed after this past week.  She didn’t help me bring my bags in, but did patiently wait for me to come inside with them since she knew they contained presents.  She went straight for my big suitcase, probably under the assumption that since it was the largest, it had to contain her presents (large suitcase equals large presents).  She unzipped both front pouches, only to find them empty.  And then she became frustrated with the zipper for the main compartment because it was locked.  I unlocked the lock, and she was glad to help me take the lock off and open it up.

All in all, she was pretty happy with what I brought back, but I think she was most happy that I brought myself back (Amber felt the same way, I think).  Being away for a few days made me appreciate them even more, and made me appreciate what Amber does for our family; there was a significant disruption in Kaitlyn’s daily routine, and Amber handled it flawlessly.



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  1. I hope all is going well with you and your family since your return from Penn! I have enjoyed reading your walk through life for the past year. I do hope you are printing these off and saving them in a “book” so you can look back and read to remind yourself just how far you have all come when a frustrating day comes around. You and Amber are wonderful parents! Take care!

    1. I’m happy to be home for sure.
      Glad you are reading and following along.

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