Signs of Improvement

Amber and I were lucky enough to run into Kaitlyn’s teacher this past Friday when we went to her school to pick her up early for our trip to Jacksonville.  While the two or three minutes we spent talking with her would hardly qualify as a parent-teacher conference, we did get a nice bit of good news.

Having read through Kaitlyn’s file and evaluations thoroughly before the school year even started, her teacher knew the areas where there would be difficulties.  Peer interaction was close to or at the top of that list.  And sitting here today with over 100 school days in the books, I can happily write that her teacher has done a tremendous job, as has everyone else at her school.

Her teacher enthusiastically let us know that she has seen a lot of improvement with Kaitlyn since August in her social skills.  Kaitlyn now seems to interact more with classmates, and hurries to greet her friends on the playground each morning.  This is welcome and very happy news for us.  While she had been telling us how great school was going, there was always that seed of doubt that maybe she was masking some things out of fear or just now knowing how to tell us.  And that still may be the case, but she has made a few friends over the course of the year.

We are happy that she is improving so much with her socialization, but also understand that she has plenty of room to improve even more.  I guess you could say that we are taking the news with guarded optimism, knowing that Kaitlyn is always close to the next meltdown or setback.  But for now, we are going to focus on the positives, and deal with the other stuff if and when it comes up.


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