Ten Minutes

One of the things that had to be completed tonight upon our return from Jacksonville was the completion of the Valentine’s Day treats for Kaitlyn’s class.  Amber and Kaitlyn did just that this evening.

There are 17 students in Kaitlyn’s class, not including her.  That means that they put together 17 individual treat bags; Kaitlyn did the decorating, Amber made sure each bag contained the same amount of everything.  When they were finished with the bags for her classmates, they also made one for her teacher.  Once filled, Amber put them all in the same general area so that we can pack them up for Tuesday.

Big mistake.

Amber did not put them in the order that they were in on the provided class list.  So Kaitlyn spent 10 minutes arranging them correctly.  At first, she tried to arrange them from memory, but she knew pretty fast that they were not in the right order.  So she marched over to her backpack and retrieved the class list.  She put them in order a first time, but was not happy with the arrangement, mostly because she had also included the teacher’s bag in with the group, and it was still out of order to her.  Back to the drawing board.  She arranged them again, and checked her list.  She called out each student’s name and checked them off the list, and saved her teacher for last.  The whole arranging of the bags and getting them just how she wanted them took right at ten minutes.  She would not settle for anything less than the right order with identical spacing between each bag.  Once she was done, she stood there for a second and admired her work, and said, “that is just right!”

Amber and I had to do our best to not laugh just a little as our little perfectionist went about her business.



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