Another Run In The Books

She did it again. Kaitlyn beat me to the finish line in another race this morning. She ran her record to 3-0-1 against me. I will beat her one day.

This morning, we braved the cool weather and strong wind as we participated in the Family Fun Run that is part of the Breast Cancer Marathon, aka 26.2 with Donna. This is the event’s 5th year and the third time we have made the trip to Jacksonville to participate. Kaitlyn completed her first Donna race today, and could not have been more proud of herself as she happily wore her medal for the rest of the morning.

One of the best parts of the day for me was when Kaitlyn asked me when she can run a half marathon with me. I told her that maybe she should tackle a 5k first and build up from there. It makes me happy that she is so into running, and the individual nature of running lends itself well to a person with Asperger’s because it is purely a physical activity with no real team dynamic that could cause her to falter a little.

I will beat her to the finish line one day!


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  1. […] of the things that had to be completed tonight upon our return from Jacksonville was the completion of the Valentine’s Day treats for Kaitlyn’s class.  Amber and […]

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