The Streak Is Over

So it wasn’t close to the streak that Cal Ripken Jr put together in playing 2,632 consecutive baseball games, but one streak did end last night.  And, while it had to happen, I can’t say that anybody in our house is all that happy about it.

Kaitlyn’s streak of not missing a single Thursday of Miracle since we became involved last year is over.  Sadly.  The streak endured rain and sun, hot and cold, but it had to end.

As part of our efforts to keep her on-task at school, one of the things that we put into place was that our expectation is that she be a green fox every day.  All she has to do is follow instructions and behave herself.  Is she going to slip up sometimes?  Yes she is, and we have some flexibility for that.  But if nothing else, she knows the  importance of being a green fox on a Thursday because anything else means missing Miracle.

So we kept her home from Miracle last night because she had been on yellow fox yesterday for disrupting the class on multiple occasions.  We had just let her slide on her yellow fox from Wednesday, and she follows it up with another on Thursday.  Because she knows what our expectations are, and knowing that we have to be consistent or there will be no motivation for her to ever listen, we stuck to keeping her home last night.  At first, she was upset, but I think she quickly figured out that she had not made good on her end of the deal and she got over it pretty quick.  I know she missed her friends and her green team buddy last night, but she is better off for it today knowing that she just has to be green next Thursday to play with them again, starting a new streak.


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