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Amber and I have been talking more and more recently over when and how we are going to tell Kaitlyn about her Asperger’s.  She is already starting to notice differences she has with other kids in her class in areas like reading.  It is just a matter of time, we think, before she starts to wonder why she is not really like any of the other kids in her class.  She will start to wonder why some of the kids do not want to be her friend, or why the will make fun of her speech pattern, or her intense interest/love of Disney.

The most difficult part of that talk is going to be making sure that she understands that her differences are what make her special, and that she is amazing just the way she is.  We are going to have to carefully choose what we say and how we say it, because even the slightest hint of saying the wrong thing could cause significant damage to her psyche.  We know we will have to focus on the positives, and that is what we intend to do.  We will have to reinforce in her that while a lot of people do not and choose not to understand her, there are a lot of people in her life that do understand her and will always support her.  Most of all, we will have to help her understand that nobody is “normal,” and that we all have things about us that make us special in our own way.

The talk is coming soon to our house.  It is not one that Amber and I are either looking forward to or dreading, just one we are making significant preparations for.


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  1. We just had “the talk” last week… it went well. My son knew, he just didn’t know it had a name. We focused on his strengths, as you suggested in your post. We told him his brain understands math and science (which comes VERY naturally to him) and his brain struggles with his feelings. Some kids are the opposite…he understood that and named a few kids he knows that struggle with math:). We all have strengths, we all have things to work on. Good luck!

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