Quality Time

Kaitlyn has been looking forward to today for about a week or so. Today, she gets to walk from school to her big sister’s house.

Amber and I cannot keep it a secret anymore. Kaitlyn has a big sister. Her sister does not, however, live with us. In fact, we did not even raise her. She is pretty much the least expensive sister that we could ask for Kaitlyn to have.

All joking aside, we are very fortunate to have so many people here locally that have all but made us a part of their family. And we are very excited that Kaitlyn has a “big sister” that looks after her and enjoys spending quality time with her. Jen has been an important part of Kaitlyn’s life pretty much from day one, as has the rest of her family. She has always been there for us, willing to help out with Kaitlyn. She always has fun things planned for when they spend time together, and they usually do something creative. Jen seems to always have Kaitlyn working on a craft project or an art project; she recognized early that Kaitlyn is very interested in drawing and creating works of art.

I am happy that Kaitlyn gets to spend quality time with Jen today. It is important to us, and I bet that Jen enjoys it at least as much as Kaitlyn does.


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