Level Three

If you spend any amount of time with Kaitlyn, there is one fact that you will probably learn really quick.  She loves to read.  She seems to really enjoy reading, to the point that there are times that she would rather be reading than playing with her toys.

Her love of reading is showing at school as well.  Her class, and the other kindergarten classes have recently been split into reading groups, and Kaitlyn is a group with kids that are reading above grade level.  She has also achieved level three on one of the computer-based reading programs, Lexia.  As of today, she is the only one in her class to reach level three; some kids are on level two and will be on three soon, but a majority of her class is on level one.  Amber and I are very proud of her proficiency in reading.

In addition to her reading group and Lexia level, Kaitlyn also brings home a new library book pretty much every day.  When given the opportunity during “free choice” time, she almost always chooses to go to the library.

We are going to continue to encourage her to read and to love reading, knowing that it is building a foundation for success.


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  1. Not just typical kid few words on each page books but she checked out chapter books!

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