99 Percent

Today was Kaitlyn’s 100th day of school.  I knew this because she had been telling me it was coming for about the last week or so on our way to school.  Plus, her teacher sent something home with her weekly progress report last week letting us know that it was today.

So, in honor of this being her 100th day of school, and her having missed just one day, I guess Kaitlyn is a 99 percenter.  This is a fact that Amber and I very proud of.  We both believe that the best way for her to learn is to be in school, and we have made quite the effort to make sure that we are not the parents that look for any reason to keep their kid out of school.  (And yes, there are parents of kids her age that keep their child out of school for any reason.)  We have done a good job of keeping Kaitlyn on a pretty good schedule/routine during these 100 days.  She does her homework, eats her dinner, does anything extra-curricular like Miracle, and winds down for bed on a pretty tight schedule.  We have not varied from it too often, and since it is not broken, there is no need to fix it.

Kaitlyn has done well in her first 100 days in school.  She has transitioned well and adapted to her school routine.  There have been times that her Asperger’s has gotten the best of her at school, and we are fortunate that her teacher is very understanding and does well to manage those occasions to minimize the impact on Kaitlyn and the class.  The same boy from summer camp that is in her class is still her friend, and she even shared her snow money with him earlier this month.  Her report cards have been wonderful as well.

We know that there will be some bumps in the road over the course of each school year, and that we will have to adjust some things to account for her Asperger’s, but the first 100 days could not have gone much better than they have.


4 responses

  1. Full disclosure… we’re those parents who let our kids stay home 😉

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