Hot (or Cold) to Trot

Kaitlyn and I were at it again this morning, racing neck-and-neck to the finish line of yet another race.  Today was the Red Fox Trot 5k and one mile, and I did both events, Kaitlyn did the one mile.

She leapt out of her bed this morning when I woke her up to let her know that it was race day.  She was excited (hot) to trot.  We got out to the event, and the 5k was first.  And it was a little on the cold side for trotting (36 degrees at the start).

Once I finished the 5k, there was only a short time before the mile race started.  I had to quickly go to the car to change my shirt and get Kaitlyn’s race number.  When I finally made it to the cafeteria, she was nowhere to be found.  Amber told me that she had found some friends and was playing with them.  It turns out that 5 is the age where parents start to get ditched by their kids in favor of friends.

We made it out to the start line a few minutes before the one mile.  As we got going, Kaitlyn chose to hold my hand for the first little bit in order to avoid falling like she did in the Turkey Trot.  Eventually, she let go and gave tremendous effort.  I am very happy that she has taken an interest in running and that it is something we can do together; I am proud that in each of her three races, she has given great effort and did not give up at all.  She beat me to the finish line again and was smiling ear-to-ear.

We have another rematch coming up in two short weeks.  I am going to beat her one of these days!


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