Abundant Noise

I’m not sure where the line is drawn or what the standard is when it comes to Kaitlyn and noise sensitivity. She is fine with fireworks at Disney, but not so fine with the noise on the “Bugs Life” ride at Animal Kingdom or the backlot tour at Hollywood Studios. She did fine, and actually fell sound asleep at a Jason Aldean concert.

Tonight, we had dinner at our favorite Mexican restaurant in town with some friends (we were also paying off our accountant for preparing our taxes last year…this is our yearly payment plan). The noise inside was deafening. We could barely hear each other across the table. Kaitlyn could barely stand it. Several times, she covered her ears, and at one point was considering balling up torn up napkin pieces and putting those in her ears.

There is no doubt to us that Kaitlyn has significant sensitivity to noise. The trick for us is making sure that we keep an eye on her in noisy places to make sure she is not negatively impacted. I am also not a big fan of places where there is too much noise. We cannot shelter her and keep her away from anywhere with excessive or abundant noise, we just have to help her stay calm any way we can in those situations.


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