That’s A Fact

Every so often, I like to browse different sites on the internet that provide information on Asperger’s and autism.  I check out “official” sites and blogs from parents like me.  The other day, I was on a site that I visit frequently, My Asperger’s Child, and there was an interesting article on there that dispelled some myths about Asperger’s, and highlighted some facts (click here to read it).

I figured that maybe I would take a stab at some of the facts that are presented in the article, and see how they relate to Kaitlyn.

Fact:  Asperger’s children are less materialistic:  Kaitlyn really does not care what brand of clothes she wears, and is not particularly loyal to any brand of anything in particular.  She could care less about generics versus name brands.

Fact:  Asperger’s children are passionate:  Hit the nail on the head here.  When Kaitlyn finds something she is passionate about, it consumes her.  Some people may think that is bad or unhealthy, but they would be wrong.  Quite the contrary, she becomes so consumed by things that other aspects of her life are positively affected.

Fact:  Asperger’s children live in the moment:  This is Kaitlyn for sure.  She really is a second-by-second, minute-by-minute child.  There are times things carry over for her, but that is very rare.

Fact:  Asperger’s children have terrific memories:  Kaitlyn rarely forgets anything.  She has the tremendous ability to recall the smallest of details from conversations months ago.  And don’t promise her something and then forget about it because she will not.

Those are just a few of the facts that really caught my eye that made me think about Kaitlyn, and I could not help by smile when I read them.


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  1. Like her coming here for Easter. She’s made up her mind, and that’s it…

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