This is the Greatest Day Ever

Hearing Kaitlyn say that several times during our day at Lego Land was music to my ears.  She had been anticipating the trip ever since Andy and Tommy visited the park in Denmark on the Amazing Race, and she could not get us out of bed quick enough Saturday so that we could load the car and drive to the condo were staying at.

We had a great time at the park with my parents, brother, nephew, and the Spragues.  What a sight we must have been, our group of 13.  There was no ride that Kaitlyn did not want to ride.  The Island in the Sky Ride that takes you 150 feet into the air?  Of course.  Putting out fires at the Junior Fire Academy?  Yep.  Slaying The Dragon roller coaster?  Without a doubt.  Our fearless child was willing to tackle any ride that the park could throw at her.  She was up for the Kid Power Towers, and the Technic Test Track roller coaster, too.  And that would be her last ride for the day, unfortunately.

As we were about to get in line for the Aquazone Wave Racers ride, the day caught up with her.  In a combination of the anticipation and excitement, her knowing only one speed (full speed until exhaustion sets in), some possible sensory overload from there being so much to see and do, and what may have been food poisoning, Kaitlyn’s day of riding rides came to an abrupt halt.  She spent the rest of the afternoon alternating between laying with her head in a lap and being carried, and could not shake the feeling into the evening and it carried over to our trip home as well.  Nevertheless, she had a great time on our trip, and said that she could not wait to go back.

As I write this, some 26 hours after her afternoon went south, Kaitlyn is bouncing around the house like nothing ever happened.  That is pretty much par for the course when she gets the way that she was yesterday; get rundown and be miserable for a while, and then recover in a hurry.  Oh, to be a kid again.

Aside from the sensory overload, which is pretty standard for any theme park, I would say that Lego Land is pretty autism-friendly.  There was plenty of spinning, bouncing, and thrills to satisfy our aspie.  There is also an area where kids can build and test their own Lego cars and race them down and then up a ramp, or they can build their structure of their choice and see how it stands up to some moving and shaking.  We even got to see an overhead view of Tallahassee while we were there.

Lego Tallahassee


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