It is finally here, our trip to Lego Land. Kaitlyn got us up by charging into our room bright and early this morning…7:15 to be exact. And she was insistent on us getting out of bed immediately.

When we finally made it downstairs, she had our “breakfast” ready for us and was handing it out at the bottom of the steps. We were having granola bars.

She really did not seem all to concerned that it was 28 degrees when I was loading the car and hoped to help. At the risk of getting myself in trouble, I did not let her help so she could stay warm.

During the four and a half hour trip, Kaitlyn must have asked where we were at least a half dozen times. She was chomping at the bit to get here.

Today was not the “big day” and trip to Lego Land, and she did not seem to mind one bit. We have a big day ahead of us tomorrow, one that has been on Kaitlyn’s mind for over two months now. I can’t wait to see the look on her face when we get there tomorrow. She is excited about riding the Pirate Tea Cups ride (not sure that is the official name); the spinning will not bother her one bit, and she may want to ride it all day.


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