Second Report Card

If Kaitlyn’s first report card was a way to gauge where she was and to set a benchmark for future performance, that would make this one the first “real” one that counts.  Her first nine weeks saw her struggle with handling problems and giving her best effort, and Amber and I were hoping to see improvement during the second nine weeks.

For the most part, Kaitlyn has been giving consistent effort in the majority of her work; social studies, science, health education, visual arts, performing arts (music), and physical education.  Unfortunately, she has been giving inconsistent effort in two areas, language arts and math.  She does not struggle at all grade-wise in these areas, just in giving effort, which says to me that if she were to give a more consistent effort, she would excel in these areas even more.

As for actual “grades,” Kaitlyn scored a satisfactory in visual arts and writing.  Basically, she is progressing right on track with her grade level.  Amber and I are not too shocked that she would struggle (maybe the wrong word for it) in visual arts and writing.  With a literal and linear mind, it will take her more effort (there’s that word again) to really excel in those areas.  Room for improvement for sure, but nothing to be worried about at all.

The best part about her report card is the areas where she “extends/applies in many ways” her achievement: reading, math, social studies, science, health education, performing arts (music), and physical education.  None of the above come as a surprise to us.  As noted on her report card, Kaitlyn is “quite the reader,” and that desire to read is strong at home as well.  (She gets that all from Amber; I like to read on occasion, but you are unlikely to find my nose in a book as much as you would Amber.)  Kaitlyn practices her math constantly (thanks iPad for having an app out there), and has shown interest in the other areas above as well.  We are proud of her for doing so well in these subjects.

In addition to the comment noted above regarding her reading, her teacher noted that she loves to work in their centers and on the computer.  She does, however, rush through assignments and needs encouragement to give her best effort, and with encouragement, she is capable of doing excellent work.

For her efforts in the second nine weeks, Kaitlyn was named to the Honor Roll.  She missed out on perfect attendance when she missed a day when she was sick.  Overall, this nine weeks was at least what we expected, maybe even a little better.  The bar has been set, however, for subsequent report cards.

Unrelated notes:  Miracle League started again tonight with soccer.  Kaitlyn was excited to see her friends and her buddy Sarah.  Tomorrow she and I are going to watch our friend Caroline at her swim meet at FSU.


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