Unitended Message

I am very hesitant to call what you are about to read a “complaint,” because it really is not one.  In fact, I have had and still have no issues with anything or anybody at Kaitlyn’s school.  Quite the contrary, our experience has been tremendous, and we look forward to Kaitlyn continuing to grow as she goes from grade to grade.

Today, however, there was an unintended consequence to something that Kaitlyn learned during school.  Today, the class learned about Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.  I am sure that they were taught about what Dr. King stood for, and what he meant to our country.  During the course of teaching the class about him, his untimely death was disclosed.

It is probably a safe bet that the rest of the class went home today and shared with their parents the amazing things they learned about Dr. King.  Kaitlyn, on the other hand, did not.  Kaitlyn’s take-home from today was that Dr. King was “shot dead,” and that “made her very sad.”  And that is the unintended consequence for today.  Instead of sharing with us the impact of Dr. King, Kaitlyn is sad when she thinks about him because of his death.

I am not going to claim that I know why the mind of our Asperger’s child captured that one small bit of information.  All that I know is that Amber and I will have to develop a technique to educate Kaitlyn about Dr. King in a way that emphasizes the positive contributions he made instead of his death.  There will be a time and a place for that to happen, but that is a lot of emotional development away.  Given her history of letting things impact her for days or weeks, we are fully prepared for any meltdowns that may occur, especially with the observance this weekend.


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