Love Lost?

To say that Kaitlyn is “all-in” emotionally would be an understatement.  To attach those same feelings to how she feels about the Sprague boys would be an understatement.  But even Amber and I were surprised/heartbroken with the meltdown that occurred last night.

The plan for the day was simple:  the entire Sprague crew was going to come over in the afternoon and eat, the kids would play, and the parents would play a board game or two.  Kaitlyn knew that they would be arriving between 3:30 and 4:00, and they did, but she made sure to give us time checks about every minute or so starting at 3:00; she was just a tad excited to have them coming over.

The afternoon/evening went as expected.  The kids had fun playing together and watching movies, and the parents played a few games as well.  All in all a very nice get together.

It was after the party bus pulled out of the yard that the meltdown started.  Kaitlyn was crying because her “love was now lost” and her “heart was empty.”  You could almost hear the heartbreak in her voice.  But this was deeper than her friends just leaving, and I probably should explain how we got to that particular moment last night.

The Spragues are moving.  Not out of Tallahassee, just out of their current residence.  That in itself is not a big deal to you and to me, and this is not the first time that a move or potential move has upset her; Amber and I were looking at houses online one day when Kaitlyn was almost inconsolable, and when we finally got it out of her, she was upset that we were moving and leaving her bedroom behind.  But Kaitlyn processes things differently.  To her, they are moving far, far away from her, thus her heart being empty.  No matter how we try to explain it to her, in her mind, she may never see her friends again.  I think the meltdown last night stemmed from that belief, and she feared that last night was the last time she would see them.  We will see them this week, no later than Thursday; it is rare for us to go more than a few days without seeing them.  In the meantime, Amber and I have to reinforce that they are not moving very far away at all, and that we will continue to see them frequently.

The location will be different soon, and the routine will change a little, but Kaitlyn will have her friends really close to her.  Her love is not lost, and her heart is not empty.


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