Back To The Grind

Christmas Break is officially over for Kaitlyn.  Back to school tomorrow (or today, depending on when you are reading this).

It is safe to say that she got the most out of her break from school; we all know that kindergarten can be quite the grind!  Two nine week periods are in the books, and report cards come out soon, so we will get a good idea of how she is progressing.  Amber and I have seen growth in so many areas since August, and it will be nice to see if what we are seeing is really what is happening at school.  I don’t know how many kids of any age (I certainly was not one of them) actually enjoy homework and get upset when they cannot get the week’s assignments completed Monday night; I was on the other end of that particular spectrum…I liked, and still like, to work close to a deadline.

The break from school has been a good one, but that is not to say that there have not been some bumps in the road.  Kaitlyn has gotten to spend some quality time with me (or I with her is more like it)…we went for a run, played at the park, and just hung out.  She got to spend a few days with her grandma and pappy, and that is something she always enjoys.  And she got to spend two days at Camp Sprague, which I would imagine would have been her favorite part of the past two or so weeks.  The bumps in the road have come from what is essentially a major disruption in her routine; the biggest thing is that there has been some regression in her overall behavior, and that stems a lot from Amber and I being a little more lenient on her and not keeping our usual standards (lesson learned).

I know that I cannot wait to get back into the routine of taking her to school every morning, and going through our before-school checklist of appropriate behavior and our expectations.  It is safe to say that Amber and I are happy that she gets to go back to school tomorrow.


[Editor’s note:  I continue to be amazed every day by the advocacy of people when it comes to autism.  Our friend Ashley has been persistent with some issues that are affecting her family, and I applaud her for her resolve.  I am also pleased to have learned that autism has a strong advocate in Miss New Jersey; it impresses me that she would use her platform to raise awareness.]


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