It Could Have Been Better

I was hoping that Monday’s good news would help to head off what Amber and I figured might be a bad week for Kaitlyn.  We were wrong.

Monday and Tuesday brought green fox at school, and the week was off to a good start.  Then Wednesday through Friday happened.  And it was a steady stream of yellow foxes from there on.  Uh oh!

After the second yellow fox (Thursday), Amber and I thought we could possibly get Kaitlyn’s attention that her behavior was unacceptable by laying down an ultimatum:  either green fox on Friday, or no Sprague family Christmas party.  Epic fail on our part, and a quick lesson in shooting for the stars on punishment.  After working hard on some desserts for the party (peanut butter balls and chocolate covered marshmallows), we knew that we had out-kicked our coverage.  Neither one of us would be staying home to with our offender and miss the party.  And I am glad that we didn’t, but I digress.  Seeing the need for an immediate audible, Amber and I quickly came up with an alternative punishment.

In exchange for her attendance at the party, Kaitlyn had to agree to give up her after school shows, her computer time, and her iPad time for a week each.  And, any yellow foxes during this coming week would add time to the punishment.  She was agreeable to that, and was happy to be able to attend the party (she even found a loophole in our plan this morning when she wanted to watch her show and we balked, but she pointed out that today was not a school day.  Smart kid).

This past week taught us all something, and we will learn from it and move on appropriately.  Amber and I learned that we need to do better with two things:  1) finding just punishments, and 2) enforcing what we said the punishment would be.  Kaitlyn learned that she needs to do better in school at following instructions and rules, demonstrating self-control, not complaining in class, and responding appropriately to directions.  Kaitlyn’s compliance with these may result in more punishment from us, but we are willing to do what we have to do in order to get her back on track at school.


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