In The Moment

With relatively few exceptions, Kaitlyn pretty much “lives in the moment.”  There really is very little carryover when she has a bad day or has gotten in trouble.  That’s not to say that things don’t occasionally linger, but more often than not, she gets over things pretty quick.

I know that is probably a hallmark of most kids, but I suspect that her Asperger’s enhances it. 

I think maybe that trait is something that we adults should reacquaint ourselves with.  Think about it.  How many times do we let something that happens at work come home with us?  Or let work issues carryover for days?  Or let stress at home affect our jobs?  Too often, we fail to live in the moment.

I admire this in Kaitlyn, and I am sometimes frustrated by it.  I admire that she doesn’t let things get to her.  And I get frustrated because it makes it tough to enforce punishment sometimes.  I used to be more like her in that aspect, and maybe that is why I never really seemed to mind when I was grounded growing up; by the time the punishment was handed down, I had mentally moved on.

I am going to try to make more of an effort going forward to let more things go and live in the moment.  I am going to let Kaitlyn teach me how to enjoy life even more.


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