What a Difference

Kaitlyn ended up crying herself to sleep last night after Andy and Tommy were eliminated on the Amazing RaceAnd then she brought it up in the car before we had even left for school.  I thought for sure today was the start of a long day and week.

I was happily wrong.  That’s not to say that it will not come up again at some point this week, or again on Sunday, but for now, all is good.  Kaitlyn had a great day at school, and was a green fox.

The day got even better this evening.  I had known for a little while now that my mom had won enough tickets for Amber, Kaitlyn, and I to join her, my dad, brother, and nephew at Lego Land at some point next year.  And I knew that she had also won a two-night stay at a local resort.  What I didn’t know, despite a few weeks of nagging, is whether the Martin Luther King Jr weekend was blocked out from the free stay because it is a holiday weekend.  Turns out, it is not blocked out, and the trip is on.

Of course, I had to really build up some excitement before I told Kaitlyn, so I did.  She finished up with her computer time and came downstairs and waited for the news.  The key was really building momentum at this point.  I started with asking/reminding her about what she and I have planned for that particular Friday; she knows that I will be picking her up and that we will be going to watch our friend Caroline’s swim meet (or as Kaitlyn calls it, “going to Caroline’s house.”).  Then I moved in to us waking up Saturday and packing the car and taking a trip.  I could see the excitement building.  And then I told her where we were going, and she about knocked me over as she jumped for joy.  She gave me a huge hug, and ran and gave Amber a huge hug as well.  I had her call my parents and thank them, and the stayed on the phone with them for quite some time.

It is nice that we will be able to add this trip to her countdown board after Christmas, and I know that for the next five weeks or so, it will be right there on her mind.

After the night she had last night, Kaitlyn deserved and needed a night like tonight.


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