Because I Am Smart

On the way to school today, Kaitlyn and I were having our ususal small talk about the day.  Be a green fox, listen to the teacher, stuff like that.

Somehow, the conversation turned to the number of days in the school year.  Specifically, what number today was.  Kaitlyn offered that it was the 69th day of the 2011-12 school year.  I had no choice to believe her.

As I thought about our conversation later in the day at work, I decided to pull out one of our calendars and see how close she was to the correct number.  Today was indeed her 69th day of school.

This evening I mentioned what Kaitlyn taught me to Amber while the three of us were in the car.  Her response was the same as mine, which is to say that we were not too shocked that Kaitlyn would know how many days she had been in school so far.  Thinking maybe she had been told that in her class, I asked her again how many days she had been in school.  Same reply, 69 days.  So I asked her how she knew how many days she had been in school, and her reply stunned both Amber and I…

…she said, “Because I am smart.” And then she went about her business, like we should have known that was the reason she knew.

It just amazes me the things that come out of her mouth sometimes.  Her response did not come from her being arrogant or cocky, just an honest response from an honest child.  Sometimes a child that is brutally honest.

I have said it before, and it holds true every day still, Kaitlyn’s Asperger’s has been the source of tremendous stress and tremendous comedy, frustration and joy.  I know that any parent will say the same about their child, but with Kaitlyn, everything seems so much more intensified and magnified.


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