The Red Balloon

With Christmas a mere four weeks away, we began the monumental task of clearing room in Kaitlyn’s room for this year’s gifts.  I have to admit that we are truly blessed in having so many people get presents for her.

For the past two years, we have involved Kaitlyn with the process.  Instead of just heading into her room with garbage bags and filling them to either donate or throw away, we have asked that she help us.  We allow her some input into the process so seeing a toy or a puzzle or a stuffed animal head into a bag will not cause a meltdown.  This year, we are changing up the ultimate destination for some of her things; instead of Goodwill, we will be taking her things to the Lucky Duck, a store here locally that promotes autism awareness.

Over the past few weeks, Kaitlyn’s favorite toy, other than her Chuggers, has been a red balloon.  She just throughly enjoys tossing it up in the air, and hitting it around the house.  I would say there have been hours of fun recently just chasing the balloon around the house.

The pure joy that Kaitlyn experiences playing with that balloon got me to thinking.  I started thinking about just limiting her Christmas presents to a bag of balloons.  I figure our total investment in that present would be about $5 after tax; if it is less, I will give it to Kaitlyn for her “snow money.”

Amber quickly shot that idea down, even though I was only half serious.  Kaitlyn is making her list, and she will not be content with a bag of balloons.  I anticipate that she will wake up Christmas morning and have a ton of toys and other assorted presents waiting for her under the tree.  She is already learning that Christmas is not only about what she gets, but also is about giving, and has picked out a beautiful gift for a less-fortuante student at her school.  She has been excited about buying a gift for this anonymous little girl from the first day the notice was sent home.  I know she will want to pick out a perfect gift for the Sprague boys.  She is grasping the giving aspect of Christmas already.





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  1. You guys have a special little girl with such a big heart. A job well done by both of you.

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