We were watching one of Kaitlyn’s favorite shows the other night, the Amazing Race, and the teams were in Denmark.  One of their clues and tasks was found at Lego Land in Denmark.  Almost as soon as they showed the park, Kaitlyn got excited, and at one point exclaimed that she was “excited to be going to Belgium!” (The title in the TV menu said they were in Belgium)

Kaitlyn has long been a fan of Legos.  We would spend hours building, and the structure would have to meet her high standards.  She has a ton of Legos.

For the past few days, her sole focus has been on our trip to Europe and to Lego Land.  She has even started saving up.  Amber and I have not broken the news to her quite yet that we are not going to Europe anytime soon.  It will be tough trying to get that news to her and couple it with the fact that we will be visiting Lego Land early next year (date to be determined based on room availability).  I am hoping that she will be ok with visiting Lego Land Florida, and not be too disappointed that we will not be going to Europe.


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  1. Her and Jack share this in common as well. He is infatuated with those little bricks! Maybe we can plan a trip together and use our time share 🙂 (I’m actually serious)

  2. […] my mom had won enough tickets for Amber, Kaitlyn, and I to join her, my dad, brother, and nephew at Lego Land at some point next year.  And I knew that she had also won a two-night stay at a local resort.  […]

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