It Could Have Been Better


It was bound to happen at some point soon, a not-so-great week at school for Kaitlyn.  She had strung together too many really good weeks in a row for Amber and I to not start to anticipate at least one yellow fox.

This was that week.  It started off with two green foxes, and that seems to have been the peak.  Wednesday brought the dreaded red fox, this time for not following directions and talking back.  We were hopeful that Kaitlyn would get back to green Thursday, but she did not get there; instead she was on yellow.

Friday was her Thanksgiving program in the morning, and Amber took her to school and stayed for the program.  It was a neat little performance during which Kaitlyn stood at attention the whole time, no doubt nailing every line in the song perfectly.  We have the video on You Tube on our newly-created channel, Kristians0807.  The performance was the peak of her day…Kaitlyn got another yellow fox.

We know that weeks like these will happen, and this week could have gone better for her.  All that we can do is reinforce our standards and expectations, along with those of the school.

Who knows, maybe she was just excited about going to the FSU game tonight, and wanted to have some of her foxes somewhat resemble garnet and gold.  If that is what it was, she succeeded.
I know she is excited to see Osceola and Renegade!


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