First Field Trip

Today could have gone in one of two ways, either Kaitlyn’s first field trip would be an amazing success or there would be a giant meltdown in the car and at the house.  It was an amazing success.

Preparation for today’s field trip started a few weeks ago when we notifications were sent home letting us know when field trips were scheduled, and where the kids would be visiting.  Structure and scheduling, two things necessary for a successful change in Kaitlyn’s routine.  With plenty of time for us to prepare her, Kaitlyn was more than ready for the day.  She knew that there would be no “special area” today (but I was careful not to ask in the car on the way to school, just in case it might upset her), and she was excited about riding the school bus for the first time.

The kindergarten classes (all 800+ of them according to our friend Ashley) headed to the Junior Museum this morning for a fun-filled day of learning about animals and North Florida history.  Our only concern for today was that Kaitlyn may try to become the teacher or tour guide since she spent the summer at the Museum, since she will only refer to the Museum by its full name (Tallahassee Museum of History and Natural Science).  Luckily, she let the teachers and staff members do their job (she was probably correcting them in her head).

According to Kaitlyn, the only part of the day that she did not like was seeing the vultures.  I don’t blame her.  Vultures are not really that impressive.

One successful field trip in the books, and one big sigh of relief for us.  The next field trip will be an adventure of its own, and Amber and I can only hope and pray that it goes as well as this one.  One day at a time, one field trip at a time.


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