Little Moments

“Yeah I live for little moments
When she steals my heart again and doesn’t even know it
Yeah I live for little moments like that.”
–Taken from Little Moments by Brad Paisley 

While the song, when taken in its entirety, refers to a wife or girlfriend, I think the lyrics above are ambiguous enough to allow them to apply to Kaitlyn.

Because, as a parent, if there are moments that your child does not steal your heart, I encourage you to check for a heartbeat.

As parents, we are good about bragging about the big events in life.  The first report card, the gymnastics class, the play date, the making of new friends, etc.  But for some reason, we hesitate to share with people the little things that happen that make a difference.  Things like Kaitlyn’s “wow” moment the other day, or her taking a collection for snow are small moments in time that I am going to try to share more often.

I spend a lot of time on here describing the more eccentric side of Asperger’s and how they show up every day.  And I will continue to do that because I want to paint an accurate picture of our daily lives.  But I will also start including some of the smaller things so that I can share with people so much of what makes Kaitlyn so amazing.

I came up with the idea for this entry this morning at about 6:55 when Kaitlyn woke up.  I heard her making some noise downstairs, and went to the top of the steps to find her laying on the couch.  I called for her to come upstairs and lay with us, and when she got to the top of the steps, I picked her up.  When I picked her up, she wrapped her arms around my neck, and her legs around my body, tighter than almost any other time in her life.  And she did not let go.  Thus spawned a little moment that I wanted to share.  A moment that I will not soon forget because for that brief time, she was just being daddy’s little girl.

There is also one other little moment that happens once or twice a week, always after Kaitlyn falls asleep on the couch.  I pick her up and take her to her bed, and after I put her down, I always make sure to give her a kiss on the head and whisper “I love you.”  More often than not, I get my favorite “I love you” in return…the one that she responds with when she is basically deep in sleep.  There is something about that exchange that makes me smile every time.



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