This Is Going to Cost Me

Kaitlyn is convinced it is going to snow in Tallahassee this year.  I for one I hope that she is right, especially after the scorching summer we had.

This past Monday while we were waiting in the drop-off line at school, she noticed that I had some assorted loose change in the console of the car.  She asked for one of the coins, so I gave her one (a dime).  She happily put the dime into the front pocket of her backpack and got out of the car.  And then proclaimed that she was saving up coins so that it will snow in Tallahassee.

So the trend continued on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday, and each time she made sure to tell me that she was saving up until it snowed, and that it was going to snow this year.  Knowing Kaitlyn, I was well aware that she was unlikely to forget about the daily coins, so I went ahead and picked up a roll of pennies before I left work Thursday so that I was ready for next week; she is happy to get any coin, so the value of the coin means nothing to her.

I thought she might forget about getting a coin today since there was no school, but I was wrong…of course.  She got her coin today (a quarter this time) and excitedly put the coin in her backpack.  While I enjoy seeing the excitement on her face with each coin she gets, I am really hoping that it snows at some point sooner rather than later.  I’m happy that she did not start this program in the summer!





10 responses

  1. I hope my granddaughter gets her wish….

    1. I hope so, too. And if anybody wants to donate to her snow fund, I am cool with that.

  2. The roll of pennies was pure wisdom! I’ll bet you’re still handing out pennies this time next year 🙂

    1. I’ll be passing out pennies for a long time I imagine 🙂

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