A Wow Moment

For all of the frustrations that Asperger’s presents us and presents Kaitlyn, there are still plenty of those “wow!” moments.  Tonight, Kaitlyn had one of those moments, and it was one of those moments that makes us proud.

Kaitlyn finished her bath and came out to the living room, wrapped in her towel, and asked one of the most touching and deep questions, one that darn near brought tears to my eyes.  On Sunday, we watched a video of Caedmon, one of the Sprague boys.  In the video, Caedmon, who has cerebral palsy,  is wearing a therasuit and is performing a variety of therapies; stuff like walking, climbing, and sliding.  Tonight, Kaitlyn showed that she was paying attention to the video, and knocked me off my feet.  She asked, “Can I help Caedmon stand and walk next time he has trouble?”  Wow.  I immediately sent Ryan a text to share with him what she said, and he replied that Caedmon said that she could help him.

Through social awkwardness and frustration when her routine changes, Kaitlyn shows how deeply she cares about her friends.  Even after being shunned for so long by so many classmates while in preschool, she stays persistent and cares.  I know that there will be people in her life that will use her caring way to their advantage without caring about her, but I also know that there will be friends in her life like the Spragues that will be truly interested in her.

We continue to be blessed with wonderful families and amazing friends.  The support that we have received and continue to receive from so many is something that we are truly thankful for.


3 responses

  1. My granddaughter is an amazing little girl. You guys are doing a good job, she’s lucky to have so many people who love her.

  2. Wow. That brings happy tears to my eyes. You two have one special young lady. Proud of yall.

  3. […] with people the little things that happen that make a difference.  Things like Kaitlyn’s “wow” moment the other day, or her taking a collection for snow are small moments in time that I am going to try […]

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