First Report Card

I have been looking forward to today since the first day of school.  Today, Kaitlyn brought home her first report card.  I guess maybe having the report card in our hands for the first time makes it more “real.”

There were no surprises at all on her report card, especially since we just had a parent-teacher conference about a month ago.  Kaitlyn’s teacher had gone over the format of the report card, and made sure that we knew that there were some areas that were not graded during the first nine weeks for kindergarten students.

In the areas that are graded, behavior and work/study skills, Kaitlyn received “S” scores for the overall areas, meaning that she demonstrates the characteristics required for each area, and was consistent in her demonstration of the individual skills that are measured (as indicated by a “check” mark).  She did not, however, receive a “check” mark in the skill of “responding appropriately to directions.”  This is an area that we know she needs to improve on, and it is really not a shock that she would have trouble in this area in school since she struggles at home with it.

Kaitlyn’s teacher provided us with some nice comments that further prove that our battles with the school district were worth the effort and stress.  Kaitlyn is adapting well to the routines of class, although I would have been shocked if she did not adapt to having a nice routine in place, and she actively participates in class.  She does at times have difficulty handling problems, but is improving.

For the first nine weeks, Kaitlyn also received a perfect attendance certificate, and also was not tardy one day, either.  I guess ensuring that we leave the house by 7:16 each morning has been a successful strategy (and one that I am happy Amber continued the few days I could not take Kaitlyn because of my surgery!).

All in all, her first report card is what we expected it would be.  It provides us with a baseline for what future report cards can be compared to.  The most important thing going forward will be that she continues to improve and make progress.  We anticipate that there may be some set backs, but hopefully we can successfully tackle each one and continue to make progress.  Starting with the next report card, Kaitlyn will also be graded in more areas, and that will really help us gauge where she stands and the progress she is making.  It will also track her level of effort and participation in each area, so we will get a glimpse of what areas of school interest her the most, and which are not as interesting to her.


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