35 Laps

Kaitlyn could not have been more excited over this past week because of the Boosterthon fundraiser at school. From the first time info was sent home about it, Kaitlyn was ready.

The Boosterthon is a big fundraiser at her school, and is designed to help close budget gaps caused by continual cuts to school budgets. Students are asked to get pledges, either a flat rate amount or on a per lap basis. There were prizes offered at different pledge level amounts. On Boosterthon day, students completed laps to help raise money for the school.

The goal the school had parents prepared for was for a student to hopefully complete 30 laps. Kaitlyn completed that, and then some. She was able to complete every lap of the Boosterthon, 35 in all.

Amber and I are very happy and proud that she completed every lap. I don’t know, however, how surprised we are. The Boosterthon required Kaitlyn to do one thing…run. She enjoys running, just like her dad (I got myself in trouble with her today for running a 5k and not taking her).

Overall, the school had a 63% participation rate, and stands to bring in more than $34,000 if all pledges are collected. Not bad at all for bringing the joy of running to students.


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