Seminole Showdown

“Do you believe in miracles?…YES!” –Al Michaels’ call as time expired and the US hockey team beat the Soviet Union in 1980.

I’ve written a few times about Miracle Sports, and if I had to answer the question, I too believe in miracles.  Namely, I believe in the miracles performed by participation in Miracle Sports.

I have seen athletes with all types of disabilities experience the joy of baseball and basketball this year.  The joy of playing these sports on adaptive fields that allow them access and opportunity.  If you have not seen the impact Miracle Sports has on our athletes yet, I would encourage you to come out on Thursday and you will be hooked.  If you are not in Tallahassee, try to find the league closest to you and check them out…you will be happy you did.

I have seen Kaitlyn grow from being completely attached to my hip for the first few weeks, to running free around the field with her new favorite buddy.  Miracle Sports has done so much to help Kaitlyn grow.  As I mentioned, she has her favorite buddy, but she is so much more open with some of the other volunteers than I would have ever imagined.  It is wonderful to see how so many of the volunteers have warmed up to her and that she has warmed up to.

Tonight was our big end of the year game, and our athletes took on the FSU baseball and softball teams.  To see such a large group of student-athletes give their time to spend the evening with us speaks volumes about their character.  Unfortunately for them, I am pretty sure that Team Miracle came out on top tonight. 

We have a few months before our next season starts, and I cannot wait, and I know Kaitlyn cannot wait either, to get back out to the field and play.  Next up: soccer.


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