Carrying a Tune

I don’t know if it is an old wives tale or has any basis in science, but I had always heard that when a woman is pregnant, she should listen to classical music to help stimulate the brain development of the baby.  Honestly, I don’t understand how listening to Mozart will make a baby smarter, but that could be just me.

When Amber was pregnant with Kaitlyn, we didn’t make any extraordinary effort to have her listen to classical music.  In fact, I am certain that all Amber listened to country music.

We went to one concert when Amber was pregnant, and to this day, Kaitlyn’s favorite artist and favorite duo are who we saw.  No matter what she is doing, Kaitlyn will drop everything if a Brad Paisley or Sugarland song come on.

So maybe what a child hears during development does have an impact after all.  Is it coincidence that we saw Brad Paisley and Sugarland in concert and that Kaitlyn loves their music?  I know that she loves their songs, and that there is almost a therapeutic quality to their music when it comes on.


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