All Wrapped Up

I had “minor” wrist surgery about 10 days ago, and for the first 8 days, my hand/wrist/forearm area was wrapped in a large splint.  You would have thought that I was a defensive lineman toughing it out and playing while injured.

From the first time Kaitlyn saw my wrap, she was very worried, attentive, and caring.  She knew from the start that something was wrong in that area, and quickly became Amber’s assistant. 

She would make sure that I kept my arm elevated, and would tell me to be careful not to bump it on anything. 

The first question she would ask Amber every afternoon when she was being picked up from school was how I was feeling.  In her mind, I was sick since I was unable to do too much of anything.  It was almost like my recovery would consume her. 

Kaitlyn may be socially awkward and quick to follow the crowd, but she also cares very deeply.  The way she cared for me as I recovered went beyond her love for me as her dad. 

I’ve written multiple times how we learn something all the time from our little aspie, and the last 10 days have taught us the depth at which she cares for people.  Asperger’s has presented us and Kaitlyn with numerous challenges and learning opportunities, and it has also allowed the same number of opportunities to show where Kaitlyn shines. 

I have learned a lot about Kaitlyn since my surgery, the most important lesson being that she cares at a depth way beyond I could have ever imagined.


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