Roughing It

I did not know what to expect when the invitation for a camp out was extended to Kaitlyn.  One thing was certain though, and that was that I would be the one in the tent with Kaitlyn; Amber was going to have no part of sleeping in a tent.

So we showed up at Camp Sprague yesterday afternoon/evening ready to camp.  After a quick dinner, it was time to set up the tents.  There was quite a crowd, so four tents were required, with one of them being a fancy two room deal.  We got the tents set up and got the bonfire going.

Out came the marshmallows (both regular and giant sized) and the chocolate covered graham crackers, and it was time to make s’mores.  I was in charge of roasting marshmallows for Kaitlyn and Jackson, and they both required that they be toasted “just right.”  All of the kids found a way to wear a good portion of their s’more on them.

Much to my surprise, Kaitlyn wanted to get to sleep early, so we crawled into our tent.  It took her her requisite hour to get to sleep, but she was out and snoring before too long.  Other than her usual squirming and talking in her sleep, she did great!  Or first real camp out was a success, at least from the perspective that Kaitlyn did not panic at all sleeping in a strange place with Amber nowhere to be seen (she had the tough chore of sleeping inside).  I’m sure that Kaitlyn will want to camp out again soon, and I am going to have to ask that the ground at Camp Sprague be a little softer next time.  In the meantime, we will be on the lookout for a tent of our own at a reasonable price.


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