I’ve been trying to choose my words very carefully today so that I don’t come across as being an insensitive jerk. 

I wrote a few times earlier this year about lighting the White House blue for autism awareness, and cited examples of other times that it has been illuminated for a cause.  The Obama Administration ignored the pleas of many when the White House remained white for the entire month of April (Autism Awareness Month).  To say I was disappointed would be an understatement.

Well, October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, and sure enough, the White House was illuminated pink last night.  Now, I am not opposed to the act itself, and raising awareness that will strike 1 in 8 women is important.  I have seen a close friend lose her mother, and saw how much it impacted her life.  I have twice run the Breast Cancer Marathon in memory of my friend’s mother, and will be running the half marathon in her memory this coming February.

What bothers me is the selective causes the White House supports.  I am disappointed again that because so many people have such limited education regarding autism, it is swept under the rug. 

Please support breast cancer awareness causes, and “go pink” when you can, but remember April is around the corner, and you can “go blue” for autism.


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  1. I believe you stated your issue well. You brought light to Autism, without being insensitive to Breast Cancer Awareness. Just keep swimming.

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