Learning Aides, part 2

Just before school started, I shared that we were looking into buying an iPad for Kaitlyn to help her with her school.  We thought about it for quite some time, weighing the pros and cons and the cost.

Well, we decided to buy one.  And we have been pleased with the results.  Kaitlyn loves using the iPad.  Her favorite app, other than Angry Birds (of course!) is Rocket Math.  The app allows her to work on her math skills while earning “money” to purchase items for a rocket.  Once she is satisfied with the appearance of the rocket, she is able to launch it.  One might think that we would have to force her to use this app, but there are times when I have figured she was playing Angry Birds, only to see that she is playing her math game.

The results have been noticeable already.  While she is only doing the easy level, she is taking her time trying to figure out the right answers for the addition and subtraction problems.  We could not be more proud of the progress she is making.

We have also found an app that charts different chores for Kaitlyn.  We have selected about 6 different areas where she can earn points daily, and each task is worth a different number of points.  When she reaches certain thresholds, she can redeem her points for a toy, a movie, or a trip for ice cream.  This app is helping to teach her responsibility.

To date, I would rate our decision to buy an iPad as a smart choice.  As time goes on, we will have to find newer and more challenging apps for Kaitlyn to use, but we feel like it has beneficial so far.


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