If you had not noticed before, we have decided to mainstream Kaitlyn.  Is that alone blog-worthy?  Not really. 

Why then did I decide to post something today with that title?  Well, as you may know I am a big fan of the show Parenthood on NBC (Tuesdays at 10, check it out), mostly because it is the first show I remember dealing with autism or Asperger’s in a meaningful way. 

Tuesday’s episode touched on Max’s first experience in a mainstream school.  And I will be honest, it left me a little nervous.  Max was clearly the smartest kid in his class, but had so little clue socially that nobody wanted to be near him; he sat alone at lunch and sat on a bench reading instead of playing on the playground.  Those scenes made me nervous because I know that Kaitlyn will be in that position one day.  Amber and I are already game planning on how to prepare ourselves and her for when it happens.

There was a touching scene near the end where Max’s cousin Jabbar and his friends sit with Max at lunch.  Since they are younger than Max, they look up to his vast knowledge of video games and want to be near him.  My hope is that there will be a student or two that appreciate Kaitlyn for her interests and knowledge, and won’t cast her aside like other kids may do.

Time will tell if we are preparing for something or for nothing.


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