It Was Bound to Happen…

Amber and I were hoping that it would never happen, but I think that deep down we knew that the day would come when it did.  And today was that day.  Kaitlyn was on red fox today.

I can honestly say that we are really not surprised that it happened today.  I could tell that it might be that day when I dropped her off, and when I told Amber about it, she agreed.  This morning, Kaitlyn told Amber exactly what she wanted for lunch…sandwich, etc.  When it was time to leave, Kaitlyn had a small meltdown because in her head, she was buying lunch at school today, and had not pieced together that 5 minutes earlier she had said exactly what Amber was making her.

Around 4:00 this afternoon, Amber called me to tell me the news.  I expected to be upset about it, but I really wasn’t.  Kaitlyn’s teacher had called Amber to give her the heads up that a meltdown may be coming when Kaitlyn was picked up.  Apparently, Kaitlyn had some trouble keeping her hands to herself, was not listening in class, and had colored on the table.  She had two meltdowns at school, one on the playground and one in the classroom.  One was so bad that she honestly felt that she would not have any friends anymore because she was on red.  The teacher assured her that she would still have friends, and one little girl went up to her and said that the was still Kaitlyn’s friend, and that Kaitlyn had stayed her friend after she had been on red last week.  I guess that worked, because there was no meltdown in the car, and she was not all that upset about it when I asked her about it.

I think today’s events perfectly illustrate what goes on in the mind of an aspie.  She received an appropriate punishment for breaking established rules, and automatically thought the absolute worst as far as consequences.  She could not comprehend that it is ok to have a bad day, and that we all have them (her teacher even told her that she is a red fox sometimes!).  I can only imagine what was going on in her head; she has worked so hard since school started on her social skills, and in her world today, all that work went for naught.  Amber and I would love to be able to explain to her that she won’t be hated for one bad day, and have our explanation stick, but it is going to take more than that.

One more piece of good news today.  Kaitlyn’s teacher also told Amber that the guidance department is looking to start small groups to help students in certain areas, and that she recommended Kaitlyn for the socialization group.  Awesome!  Working with the school itself is so much easier than having to go through the red tape at the school district; the school officials understand kids and their parents, the school district understands virtually nothing.  I can’t wait to see if Kaitlyn gets into the small group.


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