Cartwheels, rings, and tumbling

It’s pretty safe to say that Kaitlyn’s interest in ballet ended when her ballet class ended at the beginning of August, probably sooner.  What has been constant since the idea was first brought up over the summer has been her interest in taking gymnastics.

Today, Kaitlyn started her gymnastics class.  And, unlike her ballet class, Amber and I were able to see most of what she did.  As we were sitting there, we could tell that she was having a great time.  She was twirling around as they went from station to station, and had a huge smile on her face.

We laughed to ourselves when she was on the low bar, trying to hold herself up; an instructor came over to help, and Kaitlyn let her do all the work..classic.  She enjoyed the rings and being able to just hang there, and eventually found out that if she put her legs straight she could touch the floor while holding the ring; so much for hanging there.  And as expected, her cartwheels need some serious work, but she tries hard.

After her class, we asked what her favorite part was, and she said the tumbling.  I assume that the tumbling occurred in the kindergarten gym room, and that is the one area we cannot see from the seating area.

It is nice to see her so excited about gymnastics, and I hope that it will help with some of her sensory issues and maybe even help burn some energy (although she has been wide open all day, so that might be a stretch).  Amber and I enjoy it more than her ballet because we can actually see some of the activities she is doing instead of sitting there hoping to catch a glimpse through the glass on the door.  I can’t wait to see how the balance beam treats her since balance in general is not one of her strong suits.


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