Tonight’s The Night

Generally, I try not to get too excited about shows that come on TV, but today is different.  I am really excited for the season premiere for Parenthood on NBC.

We were turned on to Parenthood back in the spring, shortly after Kaitlyn was diagnosed with Asperger’s.  If you have never watched the show before, it follows multiple story lines across a single family, the Bravermans.

One of the characters, Max, has Asperger’s, hence our interest in the show.  In the last season, there was an episode where his parents told him about his Asperger’s, and Amber and I learned a lot from that encounter that we may or may not use when we tell Kaitlyn.

The Asperger’s angle is really what draws me to the show each week.  I also tend to not get too involved with shows on TV, but there are many emotional moments in the show that can’t help but to get to me.

Amber and I will be tuned in tonight at 10 to NBC for the show.  If you have not watched it before, I encourage you to check it out.  If you have watched it before, I bet you share my excitement.



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