Where We Stand

We had our meeting today to determine which, if any, services Kaitlyn is eligible for and will receive.  It was a full house of school administration, guidance, school psychologists, Kaitlyn’s teacher, and Amber and I.

As a group, we determined that, at this time, Kaitlyn did not need any additional services.  We had a very open and honest discussion where her teacher gave her input, the principal gave her take, the school psychologists said their piece, and Amber and I shared our thoughts.  Across the board, we left the meeting with the feeling that placing Kaitlyn in any additional services at this time would be detrimental to her progress and may actually cause her to regress educationally.  She still needs to be monitored for social development, and we are committed to working closely with her teacher if any issues arise; Asperger’s can be tricky because aspies are rather savvy in being able to do just enough to blend in in social situations.

Like us, the school officials, are pleased with Kaitlyn’s progress so far.  Her teacher cited a higher than normal level of stubbornness, which can be attributed to her mother (at least in my opinion, and this is my blog!).  They were surprised to hear how hard Kaitlyn takes it when her classmates are not on green fox all the time, and the impact of not being able to participate in running club last week; for some reason, unknown even to the principal, kindergarten students were not taken to the field to participate last week…they are working on correcting it.

I am happy that we all left the door open to address services in the future should they become necessary.  Amber and I both feel like the lines of communication with the school are wide open, and that they are doing exactly what is right for Kaitlyn.  We cannot express how satisfied we are with Kaitlyn’s school.  I even expressed to everyone in the room, but made sure my comment was directed at the principal, that we feel that Kaitlyn’s successful transition so far can be attributed in large part to her teacher taking the extra step in having us come in before the other students; I felt that it was important that it be known the impact that such a small gesture had on Kaitlyn.

So where we stand is that, at this time, Kaitlyn will not receive any additional services.  If she needs them in the future, we will all get together and figure them out.  The school has offered to revisit our meeting at any time.


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  1. I think everyone reading this knows where her stubborness really comes from! 🙂

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