It Starts Today

Finally, after what seems to have been the 7 longest months that I can remember, we have our initial IEP meeting today.  We are meeting with a small army of representatives from the school to determine 1) what services Kaitlyn is eligible for and 2) which ones she will receive.

I feel like I have done a good deal of homework on IEPs and what to expect, but I am also anticipating surprises.  Kaitlyn has done awesome so far at adjusting, but she has had a few meltdowns at home because of things that happened or didn’t happen at school.

At the risk of sounding boastful, she made her first “homework” assignment look really easy by sailing through the assigned reading in less than 2 minutes.  I imagine there are kids in her class that might have struggled with the assignment, but Kaitlyn reads really well for her age level.  Will that work against her as far as services go?

Will it work against her that she is a pretty smart little girl (we have had her tested plenty as you may recall)?

Today’s meeting will go a long way in answering those questions and a whole host of others, and I am sure that new ones will come up.  What I am certain of is that, for the first time, there is tangible progress.  I hope to be able to update this later with a recap of how the meeting went…it will be a surprise to both you and I whether or not I will take on the “angry blogger” persona, or be more at ease with the meeting.  Stay tuned!


2 responses

  1. “angry blogger” LOL

    1. I thought you might like that. 🙂

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