Back At It

It has been great to see that Kaitlyn has been mostly excited to go to school every morning.  That feeling probably has helped with the great days she has been having.

But today brought a new level of excitement.  Baseball starts again tonight.  Specifically, Miracle baseball.  If you have followed this blog from its inception, you have read about the amazing impact playing in the Miracle League has had on Kaitlyn, and it has strengthened my relationship with her as well.  She loved baseball in the spring, and enjoyed the recently completed basketball season.  And since the day we got the schedule for the next 12 months, she has been looking forward to today.

I am looking forward to this baseball season as well.  Kaitlyn hasn’t decided yet if I am going to be her “buddy” on the field, though.  If I am, great; if not, that works as well.  As long as she is having a great time!


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