Green Fox

It was never my intention to provide an update on Kaitlyn’s progress in school after her 8th day.  But, I just could not resist.

Amber received a phone call from Kaitlyn’s teacher today just before lunch, and I know my first thought when she told me was to be prepared for some sort of issue.  Maybe some kid had picked on her for the way she interacts with everyone and she piped up; maybe she told the teacher that she was bored already.  Neither was the case.  Like the first call we got from her teacher, this one was positive.

It turns out that Kaitlyn is doing great so far.  I can’t say I am surprised that she would be doing great on the academic side (that’s right, I am a proud dad), but I am a little impressed about Kaitlyn’s social adjustments so far.  She has adjusted to the classroom and the other students wonderfully, she is interacting with the other kids some, making some friends, is happy, and is enjoying herself; those were and still are areas of concern with us for her, but today’s update is very welcome news.  Amber and I really think that a big reason why she has had such a good start of the year is that her teacher took the proactive step of having Kaitlyn get comfortable in the classroom without any other kids there…that was huge for her.  She is, of course, following instructions very well, and that is not really much of a surprise.  Give her detailed instructions on what is supposed to be done, and she will laser focus in on doing her absolute best at that task.  She is also very excited that she can bring home a new book every day from the media center; we read it to her, and then she takes it and reads it to us.

Now you may be thinking that maybe I should not be making such a big deal over this news so early on, but I am.  Amber and I are well aware of areas where Kaitlyn will struggle, and getting news like this today is very exciting to us.

Of course, not every day has been great for Kaitlyn so far.  In her class, right afternoon recess, they have some “quiet time” where they sort of  just decompress on the towel they are supposed to bring from home.  Monday was not a great day.  We forgot the towel, and Kaitlyn’s day reflected our error, and she did not have the greatest of days.  On top on not having her towel, she was very exhausted after a fun weekend with her uncle and her Pappy.  Throw those things all together, and Kaitlyn had her a “yellow fox” day (her class has a green-yellow-red behavior tracking system where green is preferred, yellow is they have been warned, red is they have spent time in time-out).  She was put on yellow for disrupting the class, pouted for a few minutes, and then moved on; she was, however, upset about being on yellow when she got home that evening.

Every day remains a mystery as to what kind of day it is going to be.  Something as minor as not having her towel can throw her whole day off.  I am scared to see what might happen if we were ever late to school.  That may not be pretty.  The goal for Kaitlyn each week is for her to stay on green, and she works hard at it every day.


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  2. […] note, she reached the top-level of behavior this past Monday.  Her class uses a variation of the fox system, where students can achieve levels above green, with purple being the highest level.  Amber and I […]

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