As I mentioned yesterday, today was a big day for Kaitlyn…her first day of kindergarten!  Most parents experience the apprehension of dropping their child off for the first day of kindergarten, and Amber and I were no different.  We just had the added benefit of knowing that Kaitlyn does not exactly embrace change or transition very well.  Routine brings comfort for our Aspie.

Kaitlyn had an excellent first day today, and far exceeded our expectations of how the morning would go.  I was expecting her to be nervous and reserved when we got to the school, but when we arrived at her class, she was good to go.  Her teacher asked her and the other little girl that walked in with us (sans parents) if they had anything to take out of their backpacks; they did, of course, having each brought their towel to use during their 30 minute quiet time in the afternoon (and yes, I am jealous!).  She put some things in her cubby, and then sat in her chair and started to color.  She was good to go…she had paper and crayons, and nothing else seemed to matter.

I am very happy to report that no tears were shed by any of us today.  I am not sure what I expected on that front, but I don’t think Amber and I really looked at today as being a sad day or anything like that.  It really was just another day in the adventure that is Kaitlyn’s life.

I am not, however, going to fool myself into thinking that everyday will be this great.  I am prepared for those days when her Asperger’s takes complete control and the stubbornness kicks in, making for not great days.  And those will come, and it will be up to Amber and I to manage her the best we can.  The school will be a great partner on those days, and every day really, once we get her IEP in place (coming soon, according to the guidance counselor at the school).  Day one is in the books, and it brought tremendous success.


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