A Major Milestone

Time sure does fly.  I swear it was just yesterday that Kaitlyn was taking her first steps, or started talking.  And then I look at the calendar, and realize that those milestones came and went a long time ago.

Tomorrow marks a very major milestone for Kaitlyn.  Tomorrow is the first day of kindergarten.  I think that Amber and I are ready, at least as ready as we can be.  Kaitlyn appears to be very excited.

Her school and teacher have done a great job in helping with the transition, and I think that their combined effort will make the day a lot easier for her than it could have been.  Because her teacher cares, she read up on Kaitlyn’s file, and thought ahead and had us bring her in for a meeting all by ourselves so that she could get acclimated to the room before the chaos of other students being there became overwhelming.  It is little things like that that go a long way toward ensuring the success of a student.  We have gotten every supply that was on the request list, and have volunteered to pick up a few extras for the classroom.  I have timed each trip to her school so we know about how long it will take us to get there each morning, depending on traffic.  Logistically, we are kindergarten ready.

Tomorrow morning will be both happy and bittersweet.  Kaitlyn will officially be a student of the Florida public school system.  And our little girl is growing up.  The plan for the morning is for a quick dropoff at the classroom, and then Amber and I will head to work.  I’m hoping that we are both able to keep ourselves together enough to safely make it to work.

And even though it does not specifically apply to Kaitlyn, I can’t seem to get the song from Billy Madison out of my head:

“Oh back to school, back to school.  To prove to dad that I am not a fool.  I’ve got my lunch packed up, my shoes tied tight.  I hope I don”t get in a fight.  Oh back to school.”

Billy Madison Poster


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