Kaitlyn starts kindergarten Monday, so when Amber got a call from her teacher yesterday wanting to meet already, the first thought that might have gone through our minds was “how can she be in trouble already?”  But, knowing Kaitlyn, that may never be the reason the school calls us, and yesterday was no exception.

With both parent and student orientation this week, we both just figured that we would get a chance to meet Kaitlyn’s teacher and get Kaitlyn adjusted to her classroom this week.  We were wrong.

We met with Kaitlyn’s teacher today, and at her request, brought Kaitlyn along.  It turns out that she had taken the opportunity to read over her entire file and wanted to give Kaitlyn a chance to come in by herself to start to become acclimated to her classroom.  We sat and talked with her for a while, got background info on her (she wants to become a guidance counselor in the next few years, and just got an EDS from FSU), and Kaitlyn explored.

While were sitting down talking, Kaitlyn was working on puzzles, and decided that she wanted to color.  The teacher got a piece of paper and some crayons, and Kaitlyn decided that she wanted to draw Belle from Beauty and the Beast.  She helped Kaitlyn with the drawing of Belle, and while Kaitlyn was coloring the dress, her teacher got a small taste of what she is in store for this year.  Because the picture was not perfect in her eyes, Kaitlyn became very upset and agitated, and crumpled up the drawing and threw it away, all the while showing her displeasure with the imperfect artwork.  After she threw it in the trash, she proceeded to sit down on the rug by the board, appropriately on a blue square.

Never once did her teacher seem overwhelmed by the challenges she may face with Kaitlyn and her Asperger’s.  She actually seemed to embrace the chance to have her in the class.  Amber and I came away from the meeting very impressed.  This was our first “real” interaction with her school, other than a few calls about an evaluation or any questions we had, and we are already happy that she will be getting her education there.  They have been wonderful to us and to Kaitlyn already, and if today is any indication, great things lie ahead for this school year.  All of the headaches and stresses of the last 6 months or so will be worth it if Kaitlyn is treated by everybody at the school like she was treated today.


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