It Would Be Funny…

…if it were not a sad indication of how things are run by the Leon County school district.

After briefly exhaling following our confirmation by FSU that Kaitlyn needed a formal IEP, I decided to get back in the flow this week by brushing up on my IEP knowledge.  One of the qualifications for an IEP is having the initial staffing/meeting with school officials within 30 days of determination of eligibility.  Our 30 days falls basically on the first day of school.

So, I did what any parent should do, and I called to make sure that if we did our meeting during the first week of school, we would still be considered eligible, even though we had surpassed the 30 day mark.  After playing some phone tag with a woman named Patty, I finally spoke to her this morning.  But I really did not get an answer.

What I got was shocked and upset.  When I was telling her about the reason for my call, she stated that they had never received the report from FSU.  She asked if I would fax it down to her, and I said I would.

After I hung up, I got to thinking about something Patty said that I sort of let go.  When I mentioned about FSU forwarding the report to them, she said that they had been having fax problems.  My question now is: how do they expect my fax to go thru?  Do I have a magic access code?

The more I deal with the school district, the more I realize how incompetent they really are.  Incompetent or lazy…or both.  Either way, they have lit the fire again, and I am once again on a mission to throw their ignorance and incompetence in their collective faces.  This is absurd and a terrible example of management.  They continually lose reports and basically shrug their shoulders about it.


One response

  1. That’s got to be maddening. Thankfully, I just have to fax my reports to Jeni 🙂 Keep fighting the good fight.

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